Terms & conditions
the basic rules to follow about nos loulous

stay courtois
It is imperative to be courteous and polite when talking to another member. pornographic or child pornography, racist, insulting, violent, threatening or defamatory messages, and more generally any messages contrary to the laws in force in france are strictly prohibited. the considerations or beliefs of each person must be respected and taken into account.

we remind you that the author of a message is responsible for the comments he publishes. if we receive a complaint about your behavior, and if, after verification, the facts are proven, you will receive a first warning and the disputed messages will of course be immediately deleted. in case of recurrence, your account will be deleted without further warning. in case of serious breaches of french law, you are likely to be prosecuted and sentenced to civil or criminal penalties.

respect the copyright
Plagiarism being prohibited, it is strictly forbidden to appropriate the work of others.

respect morality
Anything that may offend public morality or endanger a child is prohibited.

insofar as your photos are accessible to the public, it is imperative and obligatory that these photographs :

  • contains nothing that is likely to be contrary to french law.
  • do not be defamatory and / or do not infringe the privacy of a third party.
  • do not discriminate and / or incite racial, religious, ethnic or other violence or hatred.
  • do not include obscene, pornographic or pedophile content.

if not, the photo will be deleted immediately and your account will be under evaluation, then moderated or deleted.

in case of content deemed illegal, we reserve the right to refer to the relevant state authorities.

do not use your account to display logos or banners
Your account will be deleted if you use it to display graphical elements, icons, emoticons, forum avatars, badges or any other item not related to the site from other sites.

use not in nos loulous of commercial purposes
Nos loulous was designed for personal use. if you try to sell products, services or your own person through your account, we will delete it.

no sites of exchanges from votes
concerning the exchange of votes, it is authorized to :

  • make exchanges of votes between participants.
  • promote a participant.
  • ask for votes with respect. any harassment is obviously prohibited.

on the other hand, participants on voting sites or groups will be able to have their entries canceled.

Article 1 -
The organizing company organizes free and no-obligation competitions starting every monday at 8pm (date and time of connection in metropolitan france) for a period of 2 weeks, accessible exclusively on our website.

the competition times, as well as the dates and times of the start and end of the contest may be changed at any time, they will be posted on the page of each contest (below the presentation photo).

the results will be announced on the same website at the end of each contest.

it is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that the distribution of their photos as part of the contest does not constitute :

  • violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties for which they do not have the necessary authorizations of third parties or collecting societies holding rights over them. by posting and making available to other users their photos on the site, they guarantee that they have all the necessary rights and authorizations from the beneficiaries concerned and that they have fulfilled all the rights and payments due hereunder to collecting societies.
  • harm to people and to respect for private life.
  • the participant undertakes to obtain from all persons appearing in his photo the necessary authorizations for the reproduction and representation of his image in the context of this competition.
  • a breach of public order and morality.
  • it is for the participant to maintain a certain ethic about the photos and / or comments posted and in particular to refrain from disseminating any content to violent or pornographic or prejudice the reputation or privacy of the person.

will therefore notably refused all pictures :

  • from crude (abundant makeup, suggestive poses etc ...)
  • in contradiction with the laws in force
  • contrary to good morals and / or public order, especially the photos of people naked
  • representing an item subject to intellectual or industrial property rights, such as an original work, trademark, registered design, etc.

the organizing company can not be held responsible for any content published by a member. it is also the responsibility of the participants to ensure that everyone in their photo is of age. in the case where a minor child appears in the photo, the participant certifies having obtained before the reproduction and the representation of the photo, the written authorization of the 2 parents of the child or his legal guardians.
if one of the parents or legal guardians does not want his child to appear on the site, he can ask that he be removed from the competition within 72 hours.
the profiles and photos submitted to the competition in one of the above cases will not be validated or will be removed from the site without prior formalities. the organizing company reserves the right to temporarily or definitively block participation in the game.

Article 2 – participation
  • 2.1 people who can register

the creation of a contest account on the site nos loulous, is open to people aged 16 and over on the day of registration, and having the written authorization of the parent or legal guardian, regardless of nationality or nationality geographic location.

the minimum age to enter a contest (register a participant) on the site nos loulous is 18 years old.

we remind you that by accepting the rules you sign a contract. it can be broken at any time by both parties.
the member can therefore unsubscribe when he wants and the site can also decide to no longer offer his services.

any disrespect to the rules as well as any « attacks » (mockery, insult, misplaced remarks, defamation, call for boycott, etc ...) whether on the site or by any other means of communication (social networks whatever, private message, etc ...) to the site or to a member of the site, will result in a deletion of your account without warning beforehand. everything related to your account will be too. no compensation for the sums invested can be made as well as no compensation for the bonuses earned during the competitions.

  • 2.2 registration online

only those persons registered on the nos loulous site can participate in this contest.

registration is free and without obligation to purchase.

to register, people must go to the aforementioned site, on the internet pages dedicated to the operation and complete all the mandatory fields of the registration form.

in case of change of any of this information, the participant will have to update its information on the site or contact us by email.
the participant who has not completed all the mandatory fields of the registration form will not be taken into account.

anyone registered on the site who tries to re-register under different contact details in order to participate or vote several times in this contest will be immediately and definitively eliminated from the contest, without compensation for any sums invested (see article 2.3).
in addition, if irregularities are found (cheating, false accounts, non-compliance with the rules, proxy, etc.), the organizing company reserves the right to withdraw votes from a participant, to disqualify him at any time or to delete his account, without compensation for any sums invested (see article 2.3).

each participant can only have one profile.
each winning entry will be awarded a single prize, regardless of the number of people in the photo.

if a member deletes their profile or their participant's profile, this action will result in the deletion of anything related to their profile or their entrant's profile (bonuses earned or purchased related to the member's profile, votes received and bonuses received if your participant is in competition).
this action is irreversible and no compensation in any form whatsoever can be claimed.

each participant is solely responsible for their account and everything related to it.

  • 2.3 purchase of votes

it is possible to buy bonus votes via the secure payment online company paypal.

only purchases made within the site and for the benefit of the organizing company are accepted. any purchase of bonus votes from a third party will remove the participant's account.

the organizing company is not responsible for any malfunctions that the company may experience paypal.
no compensation for the sums invested will be made by the organizing company.
if one of the participants sees his account deleted by his initiative or that of nos loulous, whatever the reasons, no compensation for the sums invested can be made.

in addition, if one of the members makes a mistake when receiving a vote or a bonus on a participant (or the participant is disqualified) no compensation for the sums invested can be made and no cancellation, the bonus placed on a participant by mistake can not be made whether they are purchased or earned bonuses.

  • 2.4 blocking voting bonuses

you may not be able to offer bonus votes to a participant.

1) in order to balance the odds between members to win the prize pool, the ability to put bonuses may be temporarily suspended. this appears when there is a difference of more than 3,000 votes between the 1st participant and the 2nd. this suspension will be unlocked during the last 3 days of the contest.

2) you have 2 bonus counters, the one with a gray star that are your purchased bonuses that you can offer to whoever you want and another with a green star that are your earned bonuses that you can only offer to your participants.

3) indeed, some contests have a bonus bet blocking so each participant is limited in receiving bonuses.

the number of bonus votes offered can not be greater than the amount of the prize pool of the moment plus a percentage of it (the percentage is displayed on the voting window and may be different each time).

example : if the prize pool is 100 euros and the percentage is 20% the number of bonus votes that can be offered to this participant can not be greater than 120 euros. so if this amount has already been reached you will have to wait for the pot to increase to be able to offer bonus votes to this participant.

  • 2.5 the participants

if a member uses his or her account to nominate a participant on behalf of an association or any other person other than himself or herself and any other person whatsoever wins, the organizing company can not be held responsible if the member gain was not paid back to the interested parties.

we are in no way responsible for what the member does with the win, so he or she takes full responsibility for it.

  • 2.6 the contests

there are 3 categories : cats, dogs and nacs and others

there are « classic » contests « spécial» contests and « bonus » contests.
occasionally « spécial» contests of a longer or shorter duration are organized on special occasions (example: christmas, valentine's day ...).

the site reserves the right to move a category participant during the contest, disqualify or sanction at any time (even after the end of the contest) if he considers that it is not in the correct category.

it is also the responsibility of the participants to ensure that in the context of the contests, only animals and animal causes are presented, under pain of being disqualified at any time (during and after the competition) and / or having their account deleted.

Article 3 - the winners
The participant who has obtained the maximum number of votes will be considered the winner of the contest.
the winners will be posted on the dedicated « winners » page on the site at the end of each contest.

in case of a tie between several participants, the prize will be awarded by lot.

in the case of an irregularity discovered after the end of the contest and the winner is disqualified, the ranking will not be reviewed (example: the 2nd can not claim the pot, the 3rd in the 2nd place and so on). if reclassification there must be, only nos loulous can be the only judge.

* gain in first position greater than or equal to 100 € results in deactivation of all participants of the member for a duration of 8 weeks.*warning : one winner per household (same domiciliation) is allowed every 8 weeks in first place. (example: if you won the first place with one of your participants, your husband / partner / child / friend (s) will not be able to win the first place during the 8 weeks with a participant). the winning participant is also blocked and can not be presented by another member.

* gain equal to or greater than 100 € in all the different places of the first position results in a deactivation of all the participants of the member for a duration of 8 weeks. the winning participant is also blocked and can not be presented by another member.

* gain less than 100 € on all different places of the first position results in a deactivation of all the participants of the member for a duration of 4 weeks. the winning participant is also blocked and can not be presented by another member.

*warning : you, as well as your participants, will no longer be able to participate in the competitions if you have already won 3 times in 1st place with a cash prize greater than or equal to 100 € (valable for one domiciliation) for 1 year.
no one will be able to present any of your participants to a contest, be it a friend or a relative of your family, even for a bonus.

Article 4 - lots to win
The prizes can be: an object, a service, a sum of money or a bonus pack (example: 1 voucher, 100 bonus votes ...).
these lots can not be extended, replaced or even reimbursed in the event of loss, theft, deterioration or destruction.
in addition, the winners can not exchange or give away their prize.

Article 5 - right of use of images
Each participant in the nos loulous contest expressly authorizes that his names and photographs are published on the nos loulous site.

under no circumstances can the organizer be held liable by a third party in the event that the participant does not have all the rights pertaining to the published image.

each participant is able to unsubscribe themselves from the «my profile» page.

Article 6 - submission of lots
The « winners » will be informed by e-mail or private message via internal messaging, of their gain within 72 (seventy-two) hours from the end date of the contest.

their gain will be sent only by paypal or by mail within two weeks to 1 month from receipt of the requested items (copy of proof of identity, address, telephone number, id of the representative legal for minors, etc ... non-exhaustive list), at the address that will be asked of them.
if the win is virtual product, it will be delivered by e-mail within the same time.

the prizes are nominative, they can not be attributed to anyone other than the participants.
if the postal or electronic address is not valid or if the participant does not send to the organizing company the requested items within a period of 15 days, his prize will be lost.

in case of return of a lot with « do not live at the address indicated », « paypal address incorrect » or batch sent by registered and not withdrawn by the recipient, it may no longer be claiming without evidence of its share in 30 calendar days.

the participant selected as «winner» must send to the organizing company the following elements :

  • 1. copy of the participant's national identity card, passport, or residence permit (expiry date not exceeded)
  • 2. copy either the animal's health record .... either a proof of purchase or property ..... or failing a photo of your pet taken with a written word on it thank you nos loulous (do not write on the photo, take a photo of the animal by placing the word next to it)
  • 3. authorization written and signed by the owner of the animal if you are not the owner.
  • 4. have completed your profile at 100% (address)
  • 5. a recent proof of address

if the information on these credentials does not match the information on your profile, the prize will be lost.
the organizing company can not be held responsible for any damage, theft or loss occurring during delivery.
if one of the participants sees his account removed by his initiative or that of nos loulous, whatever the reasons, no lot can be given to him.

we remind you that you can not participate in a contest for 8 weeks if 1st place with win equal to or greater than 100 €, 8 weeks in all different places of the first position with win equal to or greater than 100 € and 4 weeks on all places other than 1st if win less than € 100, and all potential participants who entered contests under the same profile will be disabled. the participant with whom the winnings were won is also blocked from participation.

*warning : the winnings will be paid to you provided there has been no irregularities and the rules have been respected. in the event that a participant dies during the contest, his winnings can be attributed to him only in the case of proof proving the date of death during the contest, in the contrary case no gain can be attributed to him.

Article 7 - personal information
The organizing company declines all responsibility in case of malfunction of the internet network.

participation in the contest implies knowledge and acceptance of the risks related to the characteristics and limits of the internet, possible diversion of information of any kind, piracy, contamination by viruses circulating on the network.

thus, the organizing company declines any responsibility in the event of an incident related to the use of the participant's computer equipment, its internet access or any other technical incident, preventing the connection of the participant or resulting in the loss, delay, delay or delay. sending to the wrong address or incomplete registration of the participant's e-mail data.

consequently, the organizing company can not in any case be held responsible :

  • the transmission and / or reception of any data and / or information on internet
  • any malfunction of the internet preventing the smooth running / functioning of the contest
  • the failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines
  • the loss of any paper or electronic mail and, more generally, the loss of any data
  • information routing problems
  • the consequences of any virus, bug, anomaly, technical failure
  • any failure of a subscriber's computer
  • from changing settings
  • the automatic indexing of the site by search engines

the organizing company can not be held responsible for any loss, deterioration, modification, or inaccuracy of the data relating to the participants, which would be caused either by the users of the site, or by any equipment or program associated with the organization or used in the organization of the contest, either through the internet itself.
the organizing company can not be held responsible if, for a reason that is not attributable to it (including any technical problem due to the use of the internet, software and hardware, fraud, postal problems, strike and any other reason), it is obliged to interrupt, extend, suspend, modify, postpone or cancel this contest, without compensation for any sums invested by the participants (see article 2.3).

the organizing company can not be held responsible for the fraudulent actions of a participant.

Article 8 - case of major force
The responsibility of the organizing company can not be engaged if, for a case of force majeure or any event beyond its control, the present contest had to be modified, shortened or canceled, without compensation of any sums invested by the participants (see article 2.3).

Article 9 – acceptance of regulation
Before any participation, participants must have read the present rules and accepted them in their entirety.
any entrant to the contest will be deemed to have accepted these terms in their entirety.

Article 10 - intellectual and industrial property
In accordance with the provisions of the intellectual property code, the reproduction, representation or exploitation of all or part of the elements (logos, source code, graphics, etc.) that make up this game and the nos loulous site are strictly prohibited.

all the marks, simple, figurative, semi-figurative, graphics, names of products mentioned are trademarks, graphics or product names, drawings filed by their respective owners. any exploitation of these elements, whatever the mode, is subjected to the respect of the rules protecting intellectual property.

the organizing company reserves the right to modify the present rules subject to informing the participants by way of announcement on the site. these modifications will be considered as amendments to this regulation. the payment may be sent free of charge to any person who makes a written request, accompanied by an envelope prepared for the reply, to the address set out in article 12. the reimbursement of postage will be made on the basis of slow rate « letter » in effect.

Article 11 - applicable law and litigation
This contest is governed by french law.
any dispute relating to the application or the interpretation of this regulation, will be settled sovereignly, without possible recourse, by the organizing company.

any dispute that can not be settled amicably, will be subject to french law, including for emergency procedures or precautionary procedures, in summary or by request and this, even in case of plurality of defendants, request incident or warranty.

no telephone or written request concerning the interpretation or the application of the present rules, the mechanisms or the modalities of the game as well as the list of winners will be answered.

Article 12 - domicile
The address of this contest to use for correspondence is :

web unicorn maker llc
2915 ogletown road, #3214
newark, de 19713

Article 13 - reimbursement of participation fees
  • 13.1 - repayment fee from the connection

pursuant to article l. 121-36 of the consumer code, site access and participation in the game that offered are completely free and open, so that the cost of connecting to the site, incurred by the participant will be reimbursed according to the terms below.

the player may request the organizer repayment of its participations in the game (connection fees to the game, costs arising from shareholdings in the game and postage related to claims) upon written request by mail to the address indicated below.

given that in the current state of service offerings and technology, some internet service providers offer a free or flat-rate connection to internet users, it is expressly agreed that any access to the site on a free basis or lump (such as including cable connection, adsl or specialized link) shall not give rise to any reimbursement, to the extent that the subscription to the service provider's services is in this case contracted by the user for his use of the internet in general and the fact that for the participant to connect to the site and participate in the game does not cause him any additional costs or expenses.

if paying connection invoiced proportionally to the call duration, the cost of connecting to the site for participation in the game will be reimbursed by bank transfer, upon request of the participant addressed in the month of disbursement of these fees, the stamp of postmark, within two months of receipt of the request of the participant.

to obtain reimbursement of his connection fees, as well as the postage costs of his refund request, the participant must send to the site a written request, prepared on free paper, containing the following elements :

(1) an indication of his name, first name and home address
(2) a photocopy of an id
(3) an indication of dates, times and durations of his connections to the site
(4) a copy of the itemized bill from the telephone operator and / or service provider to which he subscribes, showing the dates and times of his connections to the site
(5) a statement of account of the participant (all refunds will be by bank transfer)

refund requests must be sent to :

web unicorn maker llc 2915 ogletown road, #3214 newark, de 19713 u.s.a.

the postage necessary to demand reimbursement of connection costs will be reimbursed on request based on the slow postal rate.

legal notice
Use of the service is reserved for strictly personal use. any reproduction in any medium is prohibited. failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement may result in civil and criminal liability of its author. the information contained on the website are not contractual. they may be modified without notice.

protection of personal data
1) statement to the national commission for computing and freedoms.
this site has been declared to the national commission for computing and liberties (cnil).

2) personal data collected.
the user is informed that, when browsing the site, personal data (names, first names, postal address, e-mail address, address ip, phone number, date of birth) can be requested via:
personal account
contact form
by email when sending proof to receive lots < br />
3) purpose of the collection.
the collected information is recorded in a file computerized by the editor in his quality of controller. you authorize the publisher, to use your data for the following purposes:
to carry out operations relating to the management of the persons registered on the site
to carry out operations relating to the direct prospection by the editor for products, services and content offered on the site, or similar.
any other prospection by the publisher of the site or any transfer to third parties (business partners etc.) of this data will be subject to prior express agreement of the user.

4) retention of personal data.
personal data relating to users or participants will not be retained beyond the time strictly necessary to the management of the commercial relationship.
the data transmitted by users and participants on the site and used for commercial prospecting purposes will be kept for a period of three (3) years from the end of the commercial relationship (unsubscription of the newsletter and / or the personal account).

5) the user is informed of the faculty left to the publisher to set up automated collectors of data in order to identify the user and his successive visits to the site, in particular for statistical purposes and the fight against fraud. for more information, the user may consult the cookies use charter of the site.

6) the publisher of the site undertakes to take technical precautions to preserve data security personal data and in particular prevent them from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third parties.

7) in accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of 6 january 1978 relating to data processing , files and freedoms, the user has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him. the user may exercise these rights by contacting the publisher by post or by e-mail, at the following addresses: web unicorn maker llc 2915 ogletown road, # 3214, newark, de 19713 usa or nath@nosloulous.fr. /> your request must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature. the processing of such a request will be made as soon as possible and at the latest within two (2) months from your request.

use of content by the publisher
The publisher reserves the right to use the content published by the participant as part of the contributory spaces of the site, without further consideration, recognition or additional remuneration for any purpose whatsoever. this may include, among other things, the creation, modification or improvement of the services of the site.

thus, the participant consents to the editor, and without restriction, the right to reproduce, copy, modify, republish, communicate, distribute and, more generally, use the content provided by the participant by any means of communication.

the participant thus grants the publisher a non-exclusive license. exclusively for these contents, for the whole world, for them to be exploited on the sites, or on our fans facebook pages, and for all the duration of legal protection of these contents under the right of the intellectual property, in order to to promote our competitions and our participants within our community.

in no case, the responsibility of the publisher can not be engaged by a third party in case the participant does not possess all the rights related to the published image.

The site's servers nos loulous use temporary cookies.
you can remove or disable them using your browser options.

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